2011-2013       MA, Royal College of Art, UK

2008-2011       Institute for Fine Metals, Denmark

2001-2005       Apprenticeship at Georg Jensen, Denmark

Professional Experience

2010                 Self-employed

2008                 Holloware silversmith at Georg Jensen, Denmark

2005-2007        Holloware silversmith at Georg Jensen, Denmark


2013                 Highlights, Gallery Motan, Denmark

2013                 Theo Fennel, RCA Graduates, UK

2013                 21st Century Art & Design RCA 2013, Christie’s Gallery, UK

2013                 Final Show 2013, Royal College of Art. UK

2012                 The bigger Picture, Marzee Gallery, Netherlands

2012                 Water and Bread, Gallery Montan,  Denmark

2012                 National touring exhibition with Studio William Welch, UK

2012                 Work In Progress, Royal College of Art, UK

2011                 Give and Take, Marzee gallery, Netherlands

2011                 Dedicated Silver, Koldinghus, Denmark

2011                 Institute for Fine Metals, Final Exhibition, DesignMuseum Danmark, Denmark

2011                 Broches, Iron Inc, Denmark

2011                 Here, Now and Tomorrow, Goldfingers, Denmark

2011                 Copenhagen Goldsmith Guild, Gallerie Mons, Belgium.

2010                 Hammerclub 2010 “Objects of Light”, Designmuseum Denmark, Denmark

2010                 Silvertriennial 2010, Deutsches Goldschmiedehaus, Germany

2010                 Selected, Norman Copenhagen, Denmark


2013                 The Graham Hughes Award

2013                 Theo Fennel Award, best in silver

2005                 Copenhagen Craft Association, Silver Medal

2005                 The ML Prize, Danish Metals Apprentice Prize


2011                 Member of Copenhagen Goldsmith Guild, Denmark

2009                 Diamond grading and color stone course Institute Gemology Paramita, Indonesia

2007                 Private lessons in Nunome Zogan metal indlay tecnique, Kashima Kazuo, Japan